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Houstondale Estate - Dressage arena by Diamond W Contracting.

Diamond W Teams Up with Jessica Mohr to Engineer the Arenas at the Historic Houstondale Estate in Paris, Kentucky

“It’s like riding on a cloud,” describes Jessica Mohr about her new riding arena built by Austin Wood of Diamond W Contracting, “It is amazing, and my horses know it! They love it and they just excel on it,” she adds. For Mohr, building a riding arena on her historical horse farm in Paris, Kentucky was a wonderful experience, and she credits most of this to the knowledge, engineering skills and customer dedication of Austin Wood.

It’s no wonder that Mohr entrusted the development of her arena to Diamond W Contracting. “The way that Austin can explain the grade and the drainage system is something you can’t find anywhere else,” she explains, “He doesn’t just show up with a dump truck and a grater and make it happen – he’s actually scientifically doing this. I mean, he can explain your soil to you!”

Mohr goes on to say that Wood involved her and her husband every step of the way in the arena building process. Months before construction began, for example, Wood asked the couple to describe their property and to send pictures and videos so that together, they could choose the perfect location. Then, when Wood and his entire team arrived from South Carolina, they spent even more time walking the land and deciding on the perfect spot. “I had such a positive experience, and want to share that with others,” smiles Mohr, “It’s nerve racking spending that much money on one particular thing, but Austin’s wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and steady way of going makes all that dissipate, leaving you excited about the journey and the outcome. I was so glad he took care of the details and I didn’t have to do a thing.” 

Mohr describes her place as a boutique farm, or a “horse hotel,” and also as a beautiful spot to live an “equestrian vacation-like” lifestyle. Located in the heart of bluegrass horse country, just 15 minutes northeast of Lexington, her farm is on the historic Houstondale Estate, a Kentucky landmark dating back to 1791. Therefore, preservation of the land is very important in any property development decisions she makes.

Wood holds a degree in Agricultural Mechanization from Clemson University, and he has a deep understanding of how land should be managed. He is skilled in water management and is CEPSCI certified (Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector). Wood has expert knowledge of soil erosion and water runoff, therefore, he works with his customers to make sure all best practices are put into place to ensure maximum efficiency in planning and building any riding arena. He is also committed, first and foremost, to the wellbeing of the horse, and can customize the footing specific to any discipline, type of riding, or work the horse is being asked to do. For Mohr, riding her dressage horses on the footing in her new arena is everything she hoped it would be. “When it’s groomed to perfection, they go better,” she says. “They’re happier, and they can use their haunches better.” Mohr continues, “In dressage, for the pirouette, they have more confidence. They can really reach underneath themselves because there’s no slippage.” 

Mohr says she highly recommends Diamond W Contracting to anyone looking to build or refurbish their riding arena. Wood is hands on with every job, and he takes great pride in his work. Also, because he is highly educated on footing products and additives from a variety of sources, his clients get the right mix from the start. He also has vast experience reengineering, resurfacing and correcting drainage issues on arenas. Additionally, the Diamond W team travels to any location along with their crew and equipment, so clients have nothing to worry about. Anyone who is ready to build the ideal riding surface, or refurbish an existing surface, can turn to the professional team that top footing company experts rely on. Diamond W Contracting is where education, experience, and commitment add up to the ideal riding surface. They guarantee it!

Diamond W Contracting

Diamond W Contracting

Diamond W works with you to build or renovate a custom arena that meets the needs of both horse and rider.

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