Riding in the Trees – A Hillside Oasis in Arkansas

Early in 2023, Lauren and her husband relocated from bustling Seattle to a serene lakeside property in Arkansas. The small indoor on the property offered shelter from the elements but Lauren wanted to enjoy riding outdoors and have room to school her horses over fences in a comfortable and safe environment.

However, there was a challenge. The property she and her husband had purchased lacked an outdoor arena, and the quest to find someone capable of bringing her dream to life was proving to be a daunting one. Lauren reached out to every boarding facility in the area, seeking advice and recommendations. To her surprise, most responses echoed the same sentiment – “We did it ourselves” or “My family pitched in.”

Constructing a riding arena on a hillside

But Lauren’s vision was unique, and she knew that the picturesque hillside location of her property required something extraordinary. This wasn’t a project she could tackle on her own, nor did she want to. Frustration loomed as she hit a dead end.

Then, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of a builder recommendation from a fellow horse enthusiast. A name: “Austin, from Diamond W Contracting”. Intrigued, Lauren reached out to Austin. From the very first conversation, something felt different. Austin’s expertise was clear, as well as a genuine commitment to understanding her vision.

“I was truly impressed by the way Austin and his team approached the project,” Lauren reflects. “They listened to my ideas, considered my requirements, and brought their expertise to the table. It felt like a partnership, and that made all the difference.”

Building an equestrian arena on a hillside

And so, the journey began. With over 50,000 yards of rock and dirt to be moved – equivalent to more than 3,500 truckloads – it was clear that this was no ordinary undertaking.

The project wasn’t without its challenges. They encountered never ending river rock and other obstacles along the way. Yet, Austin’s unwavering commitment to keeping Lauren informed was a source of comfort.

“That’s what truly stood out,” Lauren says. “Through all the ups and downs, Austin did a fantastic job of keeping me up to date on what was going on, explaining the plan, and discussing the options. It was a genuinely great experience.”

Hillside equine arena construction

By late August, the transformation was in full swing. It was then that Lauren’s vision began to take shape. The arena was not just becoming a reality; it was becoming a masterpiece. The attention to detail, from the meticulously chosen footing to the beautiful fencing, was nothing short of impeccable.

But the speed of progress was not the only remarkable aspect. The planning, the coordination, the foresight – Austin had considered it all. “He explained all aspects, from the location on the land to how it would look, proximity to the barn, and drainage. He considered everything, even things I wouldn’t have thought of,” Lauren shares.

Constructing an outdoor arena on a hillside
Riding arena construction in Arkansas

Lauren’s initial doubts about the feasibility of constructing an arena on the sloped land were silenced by the stunning result. “He built it such that it’s like riding in the trees, almost like an infinity pool, and it’s phenomenal,” Lauren raves.

She remained actively involved throughout the project, visiting the site regularly, and asking questions. Her concerns about drainage and the arena’s ability to handle weather conditions were addressed with utmost care, leaving her with a sense of security.

“We’ve had two big rains since the arena has been finished, and I can go out and ride after the rain with no puddles or drainage issues. It’s just stellar,” Lauren beams.

Equestrian arena builder in Arkansas

The selection of the right footing for the arena was a collaboration, with Austin drawing from his extensive experience and Lauren’s own research. Together, they settled on TruTex footing, a choice that proved perfect for her jumping activities.

“The footing is just perfect. It preserves my horses’ legs, and they seem to love it. I’m really happy with the outcome,” Lauren reveals.

As the arena neared completion late September, Lauren’s initial vision had blossomed into something beyond her wildest dreams. “This is beyond what I had even imagined. Not only because of how it looks and rides but also its functionality. It’s just so pretty, and I can’t wait to see it once the grass around it matures,” she exclaims.

Horse arena construction Arkansas

To those considering an arena project in a challenging location, Lauren offers sage advice: “Trust Austin as he will not steer you wrong. He did a great job of laying out the options and getting me the best arena I could have possibly gotten.”

Today, Lauren’s once-distant dream is a living, breathing testament to the dedication, expertise, and commitment of Austin and the team at Diamond W Contracting. Her equestrian haven, where she and her horses thrive, stands as a reminder of what is possible with the right team by your side.

Congratulations, Lauren, on your beautiful new arena, and thank you for sharing your extraordinary journey.

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