Diamond W Construction Plays an Important Role in The Transformation of a Historic 1833 Horse Property

Virginia has been horse country since 1610 and as its main streets, country lanes, and level pastures became impromptu settings for Colonial match races between gentlemen farmers, the relationship between performance and riding surfaces was born.

That historic interest in getting the best possible arena for riding is just as important today. Which is why dressage professional, Kate Breiner invited Diamond W Contracting to transform an 1833 racehorse breeding farm outside of Middleburg into a 400-acre equestrian experience called Westfield Farm, a multi-discipline hospitality venue featuring a beautiful and fully functional riding arena-“the kind of arena that Diamond W Contracting is known for”.

Kate was already familiar with Diamond W’s reputation for arena construction and reliable installation, when she invited Austin Wood and his crew to work on the Westfield Farm project.

The property’s owners, Kate says, have been “blown away” with the results and Diamond W’s speedy construction of this breathtaking arena featuring Martin Collins CLOPF® fiber footing, which provides improved moisture retention, and better cushioning and energy return to a horse’s legs.

“After putting down the CLOPF, they said it would feel like riding on a cloud.” When Katie tried out the Diamond W arena, on a horse whose soundness issues had made arena work difficult in the past, she was impressed how much the surface enabled that particular horse to perform. In fact, she could not remember when he had gone so light and smooth.

Arena construction with the right base and most suitable footing are among the top concerns when developing a new horse property, according the Realtor resource, Inman.com. From protecting the innate fragility of equine athletes to finding greener initiatives in conservation, Diamond W knows how to preserve history and horses.

“We build every arena with the horses’ well-being in the forefront. Each project is its own puzzle- from site preparation, drainage, the idea base and the right footing. It is extremely satisfying at the end of a project like Westfield, when you watch the horses and riders perform on an arena in such a beautiful setting, “I am just proud to be a small part of it”, explained Austin Wood.

“The owner says he’d like to keep Diamond W on the property all year if he could!” Kate shared. And while the Diamond W team drove off leaving another happy customer behind, there are already whispers of having them back to Westfield Farm for additional arena projects.

Diamond W Contracting

Diamond W Contracting

Diamond W works with you to build or renovate a custom arena that meets the needs of both horse and rider.

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